Healing Hands
by Renee


For over a year I have been agonized with awaking in the morning with a stiff ankle limping out of the bed, in particularly more since the weather is becoming colder.  I  am not that big on taking medication, and I was interested in seeking other alternatives to healing than the conventional way.  So, I made an appointment for a massage with Healing Hands by Renee and followed through with it; I am glad I did!  The second day after the massage, I got out of bed without limping and the stiffness is subsided.  The  massage was so relaxing, I have already scheduled my next appointment!  

  - Chris H.


"I have had many of Renee's full body massages. I am here to tell you that they are fabulous. This is not a job for her, this is her ministry. She has a gift and uses it well. I highly recommend that you to schedule an appointment. You will not be disappointed."     

 - Daria B.


I have been a client of Renee’s’ for several years.  There is a huge difference between Renee and other therapists.  Before Renee I had been to many massage therapists.  However, it was Renee who looked at all my problems and established a therapy that was personalized to my body's needs.   I am always impressed by her technical know how.   Renee is also a massage instructor, which is great because I always have lots of questions and she is great at explaining things. She knows how to combat an issue in more than a couple ways.  If I don't respond well to one way she will try another until the problem is fixed.  Because of Renee’s educational background and overall talent she would know what to do.  I’m blessed to have found such a talented and lovely therapist.

 - Jason K.

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